How do you look when you’re running a race? Probably not nearly as good as the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

Zeddie Little, 25, from New York City, was taking part in Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run last weekend when someone snapped his photo running across a bridge. The photo – showing a photogenic Little smiling for the camera – quickly became an Internet sensation, sparking a number of cheeky memes.

Zeddie Little

Zeddie Little (photo: Will King, courtesy Charleston City Paper)

Captioning the picture with phrases like “Runs a marathon and wins my heart,” and “Goes for a job… whole town follows him,” the pictures (available on the Quick Meme website) all poke fun at Little’s charming smile and physique.



The original photo was taken by spectator Will King, according to the Charleston City Paper. King, who had friends running the race, and took about 600 photos at the race. He then uploaded 100 of them to Facebook and Flickr.

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“I didn’t think overall the picture was that great, but I knew that he looked good, so I went ahead and uploaded it,” King told the paper.

One of King’s Facebook friends gave Little the name “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.” King uploaded the photo to Reddit, and within an hour, it had garnered 300,000 views. It’s now up to 1.2 million views and is the subject of a number of funny memes.


  • Christopher Arsenault

    And what did he look like at the finish line?

    • nick

      drop-dead gorgeous probably

      • Tara