A runner in Seattle survived being hit by a truck — only to discover the police were making fun of him on the scene.

Tim Nelson, who was hit by a semi truck on a Seattle bridge in October, was running after the state Department of Transportation urged commuters to bike, walk or take a ferry to work to avoid traffic gridlock during an extended closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Nelson broke his back, cracked six ribs and fractured his skull in the accident. However, he learned police were making fun of him after the crash, according to the KOMO News website.

There’s even video of police on the scene. “They say he flew up in the air and landed on his noggin,” one officer is heard saying on the video.

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“Hey, that ain’t my problem,” says the second officer. Later on the tape, the same officer remarks, “Yeah, don’t try to jog to work, you dumb f%$k,” said the other.

“I was near-death and this is the best I can get out of this cop? And all he did was walk around with a chip on his shoulder,” Nelson told KOMO News. “The city and the state had begged all of us – particularly from West Seattle – not to drive if we could help it. For some reason, I did what they asked and that’s what I got.”

The footage is approximately 15 minutes in length, but the exchange between the two officers lasts less than a minute.

Nelson says he is seeking an apology from the responding officer.