Les Foulées Des Deux Rives

Hitting the wall in a distance race is a familiar feeling for many runners. More often than not, it’s because of physical fatigue rather than from an act of Mother Nature.

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Runners felt the effects of extreme winds at a race in France on March 5 causing havoc for many of those who participated. Wind gusts as strong as 85 km/h significantly slowed runners at the Foulées des 2 Rives 14K in Brest, a port city in the country’s northwest region.


The wind was so strong that runners were crouching in an effort to stay on their feet. “I thought I was going backwards at times,” the winner told Le Télégramme in French.

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Henri Dumoustier is believed to have captured footage of the wind at Albert-Louppe Bridge, which connects Plougastel-Daoulas and Le Relecq-Kerhuon. The 888m bridge has a height of 27.5m and a width of 9m. The original clip, posted to Facebook, has more than 555,000 views. A look at Google Maps shows that the bridge is relatively unprotected from the Atlantic Ocean.

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There were 425 finishers in the 14K, according to race results. The event also hosted a 5K.

Dumoustier also captured photographs of the strong wind gusts as part of his race album. See photos here.


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