Get involved in this sport and you instantly learn some of running’s dirty little secrets. Whether you’re a newbie runner who started learning the ropes on New Year’s Day or if you’re a seasoned half-marathon queen, you’ve reluctantly had to admit to at least on of the items on the following list. Listen, you’re among runners… it’s okay to fess up.

1. Black nail polish is a wise investment.

If you’re new to running, you may not have proof of this yet. Trust us though, a number of ugly black toenails await you. You would be wise to just invest in the black nail polish now… Not your colour scheme? Tough. Get used to it.

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2. Injuries… they happen.

Why we all decide to ignore budding injuries, we really don’t know. We do know that most runners like to pretend that they won’t happen. Your best plan of action is to stop ignoring the fact that running can cause injury and start working to prevent it. That means icing, slowing down the pace and putting that good ol’ foam roller to use.

Yeah, we're different3. Your best running partner has seen you pee.

You know you’re good friends when… Hey, nature calls on those Sunday morning long runs and there isn’t always a public washroom available.

4. The race doesn’t always go according to plan.

No one– we repeat, NO ONE– makes it through their running “career” with a record of perfect races. At some point, a race will go wrong. And it’s not a big deal. 

5. The running gear does not get washed after every single run.

It just doesn’t. If you do wash every item after even just a 20-minute run, you should know that you are a true rarity. 

6. Strength work is a life long struggle.

This may not be true for all runners. You may actually enjoy doing circuit training or hitting the gym for a solid afternoon of weight lifting. If that’s the case, note that most runners in your crew are jealous.

7. You often secretly race other runners you come across on your route.

… and sometimes cyclists and the occasional car. 

8. Don’t lie, you have used running to get out of other plans.

Your true friends know that you never go home early on Friday nights. You lied when you told your date that you had to call it a night so as to be up for your 7:00 a.m. run. You’re a bad person. 

9. Nutrition matters, except for the recovery beer.

Usually you consider the nutritional value of your meals and snacks. When it comes to post-race beverages or post-run beers with your best friend, that’s a different story. 

10. You don’t love hills… at all.

Just stop pretending. 

11. The feet are beyond repair.

You’re going to have to accept this as one of your physical quirks. 



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