One of Canada’s most unique events went off in Nova Scotia on Saturday.

Not Since Moses, in Five Islands, N.S., on the north shore of the Minas Basin, is a race against the tides as participants run across the ocean floor for 5K or 10K. (There’s also a kids run.) What’s it like to run in the Bay of Fundy? Muddy. Very muddy.

Bay of Fundy is famous for having the world’s highest tides. According to Bay of Fundy Tourism, “twice each day, 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy.” Time between high and low tide is approximately six hours and 13 minutes.

On Saturday, the tides were low enough, for a brief period of time, for runners to get their shoes wet and dirty. Then, as it does each year at the annual race, the water level rises and floods what was briefly the race course.

Moses, not surprisingly given the name of the event, makes an appearance at each edition of the bucket-list race.


Well that was a muddy run! I have never laughed so hard at a race! Thank you @lockstep & Tracey!!

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Not since Moses race! 🌊👟🙈 ———————————– Hell of a thing running on the ocean floor, not to mention pouring rain doesn't help lol 🦀🐠☔️ ———————————– Longest 5k of my life, you can say I did a PR in my slowest 5k ever with it almost being an hour long! 😂🙈 ———————————– It was insane but so much fun, sliding through mad, helping people get unstuck, beautiful scenery and lots of laughs! 👌🏼 Definitely doing that again 🙋🏼🏃🏼‍♀️ ———————————– #notsincemoses2017 #novascotia #fiveislands #running #run #irunnovascotia #newexperiences #oceanfloor #ocean #view #mud #oldsneakers #happy #neverstoprunning

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Soggy day for a run on the ocean floor #notsincemoses2017 #fiveislands #novascotia #bagpipes #bayoffundy

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Old Maid #cobequidcrush #notsincemoses #fiveislandsnovascotia #fiveislands

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The route might be a sonofabitch, but that view tho. #notsincemoses #bayoffundy

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Moose Island 🌊 #cobequidcrush #notsincemoses #fiveislandsnovascotia #fiveislands

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Most scenic start line ever! #notsincemoses #novascotia

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Derrick Priest (29:46) and Jen Reid (35:43) were the top finishers in the 5K. Eric Travis (46:06) and Rachel Sovka (54:24) completed the 10K faster than anyone else. Full results can be found here.

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