If you think skinny means fast, one football player, Kardell Thomas, has a bone to pick with you.

The offensive lineman at Baton Rouge Southern University Lab School hit the track recently to anchor the 4 x 100m relay. His run has since spread like wild fire around the Internet and both running nerds and football fans alike can’t stop talking about him. 

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Thomas is a largely-built 6-foot-4 man who weighs just under 330 pounds and yet, the dude can seriously kick on the track. In the relay, he anchored, running the last straightaway for his team to secure second place. He was out-sprinted by his competitor in the end but rather than placings, viewers seem to care more about the fact that this guy is wicked-fast despite his size. 

This just goes to prove the point that running capability often has nothing to do with body type. Because the video has been circulating, some top recruiters from American schools now have their eye on this athletically talented man too. Well done for Thomas.

Oh, as for that competitor, Thomas still thinks he could have beat him… as you can see from his tweet below. Someone get this guy a proper pair of shoes!




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