Old rusty metal nails bolts nuts and screws as background

Police are looking for someone who carefully arranged several nails, sharp side up, along a North Carolina trail. 

This wrongdoing was found out after one trail runner wound up with a pierced foot during his run in the 1,100-acre Pinnacle Park. When a nail went right through his shoe and foot, he discovered that it looked as though the nail was placed there intentionally. This was originally reported on by USA Today

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After investigating, authorities, who teamed up with the race director of trail race Assault on Black Rock, found that over 40 nails had been purposefully placed along the trail. Whoever put them there seems to have intended to hurt those who use the trail.

Each of the nails was found nailed into logs and tree roots at an angle with the sharp side up and about one inch exposed. 

A second runner was lucky to have just narrowly missed also getting hurt. He was also running on the trail when he stepped on one of the nails. Fortunately, the nail pierced his shoe while missing his foot. 

In order to find each of the nails before more runners, walkers or animals were harmed, officials had to blow leaves and debris off of the trail and comb the area using metal detectors. 

Police are also offering US $100 for anyone who knows anything about the possible perpetrator. The Black Rock Summit race is to take place next month on March 18. 



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