TRE Shoe GridWe were in Austin, Texas for The Running Event, an annual winter meeting where the industry shows off its upcoming gear. Below are some visual highlights of what’s to come in 2014 and 2015 from all the big hitters.

IMG_2162Saucony Kinvara 5

IMG_2161The new water resistant Kinvara 5

IMG_2160The women’s Kinvara 5

IMG_2167Saucony Virrata 2

IMG_2166Saucony Virrata 2

IMG_2164Saucony Omni

IMG_2163Saucony Hurricane

IMG_2175 (1)Skechers GoMeb

IMG_2173 (1)Skechers new hybrid trail-road shoe

IMG_2172 (1)Brooks PureFlow

IMG_2171 (1)Brooks Ghost 7

IMG_2170 (1)Brooks Transcend (women’s model)

IMG_2159 (1)Ecco Biom’s new pro line racing flat

IMG_2158 (1)Ecco Biom’s women’s pro trainer

IMG_2157 (1)Ecco Biom’s women’s pro racer

IMG_2156 (1)Ecco Biom’s men’s pro trainer

IMG_2155 (1)Pearl Izumi’s N2 Trail update

IMG_2154 (1)Pearl Izumi’s racing flat update

IMG_2148 (1)New Balance Fresh Foam 980 (women’s model shown)

IMG_2143 (1)New Balance’s Fresh Foam trail shoe (summer-fall 2014)

IMG_2138 (1)Adidas is transitioning all of their shoes to the Boost technology in 2014

IMG_2137 (1)Adidas’ AdiZero line will feature more classically styled uppers in 2014

IMG_2135 (1)Adidas Glide Boost

IMG_2134 (1)Adidas Sequence Boost

IMG_2132 (1)The popular Adidas Boston will get a Boost upgrade in 2014

IMG_2128 (1)Asics Gel Excel 33

IMG_2129 (1)Asics Gel Electro 33

IMG_2131 (1)Adidas’ Adios goes back to its roots in 2014

IMG_2150Altra’s trail racing flat

IMG_2149Altra’s new ultra shoe has a high stack height but a zero drop

IMG_2120Los Angeles based Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) are getting into the running shoe business

IMG_2118APL’s racing shoe claims to deliver significant energy return

IMG_2169The North Face’s hybrid trail/road shoe




  • Bill Weldon says:

    Just awful the state of running shoes with those big cushions. Just a heel strike waiting to happen. Well it has been awful since Bill Bowerman made his first waffle trainer. Looking forward to receiving my Venado Luna Sandals.

    • Guest says:

      Can we just stop talking about footstrike for a day…please? It is not the most important thing in running and it’s getting to be a bit much. Watch the footage of the New York marathon and notice how almost ALL of the front runners from Mutai to Biwott to Kebede land with their heel first.

    • RunnerBob says:

      Settle down, guy. Since when is a heel strike the absolute worst possible thing a runner can do? Every runner has different mechanics and form, trying to conform every person to ONE set way is an injury waiting to happen. You sound like quite the disgruntled runner. Enjoy your sandals.

      • Bill Weldon says:

        RunnerBob, the anger in my post is due to 25 years of being deceived by the Running Shoe Industrial Complex. I was led to believe by my own self inflicted knee pain injuries due to heel striking that Running was inherently bad for my joints. Fours years ago I discovered minimalist running shoes and the importance of a forefoot strike and as a result been running knee pain free since. My pace went from a 10min/mi to now 6:30 min/mi for an hour. Looking forward to qualifying for the Boston Marathon this year. Running has never felt better!

  • Anthony F. says:

    A great coach once told me: “in running, there is no perfect form for everyone. One foot in front of the other and don’t fall”.

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