A much-loved staple in the Canadian running scene has been recognized by the city of Toronto for his contributions in sport. Canada Running Series’ Alan Brookes, has been inducted into the Toronto Sport Hall of Honour.

Those who have raced in Canada or are located in the Toronto area, have either met Brookes, seen him at races and running events or have at least heard his name.

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His contributions to the running community started back in 1983 while he was still teaching at the University of Guelph and began organizing races. His enjoyment for race directing grew and he become a full-time director four years later.

He’s best known as the director of Canada’s most iconic race– the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM). The race earned IAAF Gold Label status for two years in the world now meaning that not only is it one of the best in Canada, but it’s also one of the best internationally, attracting top-level athletes from across the globe.

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But before the waterfront marathon in Toronto, there was the Coors Light Running Series which started in 1990. That was a pack of six races held in Toronto each year. By 1999 though, the directors expanded to Vancouver and Montreal– Canada Running Series was born.

In 2016, Canada Running Series offers eight events to Canadians in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The races are getting increasingly more popular and run on well-measured, organized courses.

Brookes continues to hold these events to an impeccable and is often spotted being actively involved in the community by holding training runs and events with local clubs and crews.


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