Fashion that makes him stand out, amazing basketball dunk skills, and some speed to boot.

Mark Wieczorek paced the 1,500m at the Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix, one of the biggest meets of the winter, earlier today in Scotland. Considering his racing attire and his insane basketball dunk skills, he’s got to be in the running for coolest person in track and field.

Wieczorek, a prominent 800m runner in the United States, is seen above showing off his basketball skills. The Ponca City, Okla. native who now lives in Seattle, bounces the ball between his legs and proceeds to dunk the basketball after it caroms off the backboard.

The 1:45.36 man over 800m regularly paces some of the world’s best races. The 1,500m which he paced on Saturday resulted in a world-leading time for Morocco’s Abdelaati Iguider (3:34.94). Races regularly have pacers to set the tempo in the race and allow athletes to draft giving them both a mental and physical advantage.

Wieczorek also coaches the cross-country team at Gig Harbor High School, just outside of Tacoma, Wash.

His style on Saturday prompted the following question (see below tweet): “Has this guy just forgotten his kit today?”

The answer is no. He wears a green and baby blue v-neck for nearly every single one of his races. Need proof? He has plenty.

Racing in Stockholm

Yes, he has multiple “racing shirts”

He occasionally puts out public service announcements too

Basketball and running aren’t his only skills either


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