CBC Sports, the broadcaster of the IAAF World Championships in Canada, is ensuring that Andre De Grasse still gets airtime during London 2017. And judging by the amount of times the commercial has aired, De Grasse is a big fan of pizza.

De Grasse, who withdrew from the IAAF World Championships because of a hamstring tear, stars in the newest Pizza Pizza commercial, which has seen considerable action over the past 48 hours. The presence of the three-time Olympic medallist on TV is particularly tough to swallow considering De Grasse was a medal favourite in a matchup versus Usain Bolt.

It’s the second Pizza Pizza advertisement that features De Grasse. In 2016, the Canadian 22-year-old starred in a TV spot filled with cheese. This time around, he sports what appears to be a suede Puma track outfit.

“You guys hungry?” De Grasse asks in the latest commercial speaking to a group of teenagers. “I’ll race you for it.” When he beats the group to the store, he says “Nah, I got this” and opens the box filled with a pizza featuring green peppers, onions and pepperoni, perhaps De Grasse’s go-to combination.

Let’s just hope he’s enjoying a slice somewhere, watching the 100m final on Saturday.

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