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The optimal day-before carb dose for marathons

A study of London Marathon runners finds that eating more than 7 g/kg of carbohydrate the day before the race is associated with faster times and maintaining pace in the later stages of the race.

Science of Running talk in Guelph on Tuesday, March 6: running form, minimalism, and more!

Just wanted to give a quick plug: I’m going to be appearing tomorrow (Tuesday) evening in Guelph along with national-team […]

Science of Running talk in Calgary: Wed. Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.

Just a quick heads up to Calgary folks: I’ll be giving a talk at Strides Running Store this Wednesday, from […]

Dynamic stretching doesn’t hurt (or help) running performance

A new study from Florida State shows that pre-run dynamic and static stretching affect your body in different ways.

Five tips for winter running

My Jockology column in today’s Globe and Mail gets seasonal and looks at five bits of research related to exercising […]

How much faster are marathoners getting, and why?

Italian researchers analyze four decades of data to explore what factors are speeding up men’s marathons.

Actual data on foot strike patterns

A new study reveals how regular runners in a road race hit the ground — with surprising results.

How smoking helps marathoners (and more bad research)

You can’t always take the results of medical studies at face value.

Is the post-marathon “cold/cough” really an allergic reaction?

A study of London Marathon participants finds a surprisingly high prevalence of allergy symptoms.

Training your fingers and toes to withstand cold

After prolonged exposure to cold, fingers and toes hurt less — but that’s not necessarily good news.

The case against antioxidant vitamins

A new review assesses 23 studies suggesting that antioxidant supplements may actually block some of the benefits of training.

Marathons and the female heart

A new study offers encouraging news for female runners — unlike their male counterparts.