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Confession: I ran a world championship race and felt like an impostor

Once arriving at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, Allegra got a strong case of impostor syndrome.

Confession: I’m racing this weekend and I’m not ready

Ahead of her race this weekend, Allegra admits that she’s not as prepared as she’d like to be… but maybe that’s not what matters.

Confession: I don’t believe that you love hills

Allegra has been running for three years and in that time, she just cannot grow to love hill running. She doesn’t believe that you love it either…

Confession: I never want to run a marathon

Having been a runner for three years, Allegra resists the pressure to sign up for a 42.2K. She refuses to run the marathon until she actually wants to.

Confession: After running in B.C., I never want to come home

When she went to try out a trail race in Squamish, she ended up never wanting to go home.

Confession: I ran a beer mile on a Monday night

Confession: I ran a beer mile on a Monday night. I have always been fascinated by ridiculous and seemingly crazy […]

Confession: I just turned 30 and entered a new racing age category

Allegra just turned 30. While she’s not worried about getting older, she is realizing that this means she’s part of a more competitive age group.

Confession: I’ve let some healthy habits slide

When Allegra took up running and learned to focus on her diet, she lost 40 pounds. But this summer, she’s letting her focus on those habits wane. What’s the best approach going forward for runners who fall into this rut?

Confession: I paced my first race and may never go back to racing

Allegra ended up with pacing duty… and she’s now converted.

Confession: I secretly prefer trail racing

Confession: I secretly prefer trail racing I ran my first trail race with the 5 Peaks race series back in […]

Confession: I ditched my watch and ran faster than I have in weeks

Weeks after Allegra has completed her goal race, she’s getting used to running just for the thrill of it.

Confession: I ran only 5K last week

While away on a work trip, Allegra had plans to be running in Ireland and Rotterdam. But on the plane home, she was disappointed by how little she actually ran.