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Taking care of the details

If you have a desire to run a personal best at any distance, incorporating just some of these routines into your training will make you a more durable, and faster athlete

My main goal for 2018 is…

2016 Olympian Andrea Seccafien says her absolute ‘A goal’ for 2018 is to break the Canadian 5,000m record

Training with a group of international class women is giving me an ego check

One Canadian Olympian explains how it feels to have to keep her competitive side in check during the workout

I’m finally training with other women and their support exceeds my expectations

Andrea Seccafien dreamed of training with other women. Now that she is on a female team, her training partners are even better than what she hoped for

Training in the middle of nowhere is by no means glamorous. This is what I’ve learned:

Andrea Seccafien has gone from training in Toronto to running on rugged terrain in this quiet Australian altitude camp

OK, what’s going on with the Commonwealth Games team?

At the last Olympics, Canada sent an athletics team of 65. That number was 52 for the last Commonwealth Games. Why are we only sending 36 athletes to compete in 2018?

I took the plunge into the unknown and joined an elite club in Australia. Here’s how it’s going:

Transitions in sport – or in anything for that matter – are hard. Actually, they’re incredibly difficult

Andrea Seccafien: “So, I just moved across the world…”

At the end of her season this year, Andrea Seccafien packed her belongings and jumped on a plane

How I really feel about my summer season

With a heck of a season now behind her, Andrea Seccafien tells us how she feels about it all

After London 2017, I’m fighting burnout to make it to the Canadian 5K Championships

I’m determined to not waste this fitness and do my best against Canada’s most talented 5K runners

One World Championship athlete reflects on racing in London this summer

With World Championships behind us, one Canadian athlete reflects on her experience

A sneak peek at day-to-day training in St. Moritz ahead of the IAAF World Championships

World Championships are just around the corner. Ever wonder what the day-to-day lives of your favourite runners look like in the time leading up?