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All you need is a bandage

After three years I have finally become a true barefoot runner. I have finally accepted that sometimes to succeed all you need is a bandage.

Barefoot Running: Musings on heightened perception

Do we lose more than the sensations coming from the soles of our feet when we put on cushioned shoes? When we take off our heavy shoes, do we in fact, experience so much more than just the gravel under our feet?

Barefoot Running: Where are all the women?

There is a perception that there are very few women who run Barefoot. The situation is there are more than you realise. They are out there and they are feisty, sexy and ready to be counted.

Winter Running – Ice, Ice, Baby!

Most runners avoid winter running as much as possible. Little do they realise that running on ice is one of the best running form tools available.

Proprioception: The ‘missing sense’

Barefoot Runners may seem like they have hidden powers to run without shoes. We don’t. We just rely on our missing senses. Why is Proprioception so important in running?

The Minimalist Shoe “Tweet” challenge

Do you want to know what minimalist shoes the manufacturers are most excited about in 2012? Do you want to know in 140 Characters or less? Look no further.

Coming to Terms — The Barefoot Running Dictionary: Part 2

The second installment of the Barefoot Running Dictionary.

Coming to Terms — The Barefoot Running Dictionary (Part 1)

When you enter the barefoot and minimalist running community, you will find there is a whole new language you have to learn.

How to get started in barefoot running

I have hopefully convinced you to try barefoot or minimalist running. This is the place to start.

‘Twas the morning after New Year’s

A Barefoot runners take on the classic children’s Christmas story.

The Top 5 situations when you shouldn’t run Barefoot

After giving 10 reasons to take off your shoes, here are 5 reasons to put them back on. “My Top Five situations when you shouldn’t go barefoot”.

The Top 10 reasons why you should(n’t) run barefoot.

Here are the Top 10 reasons people give for not giving barefoot running a try — and my responses.