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Find focus with mindfulness meditation

We all run for different reasons. Running can be extremely therapeutic, helping people to de-stress or separate from the busy […]

Keep your TFL flexible

Want to run faster and avoid knee pain? Keep your TFL flexible. The tensor fascia latae (TFL) muscle is one […]

Your posture is key: fixing anterior pelvic tilt

There is a lot of research on exaggerated pelvic tilt in athletes and how it is linked to injuries, particularly […]

Prevent tibial stress fractures with strong calves

Running causes repetitive force and stress on our bodies. Sometimes this continuous stress can cause tiny cracks in our bones, […]

Runner’s Pose of the Month: Extended Triangle Pose

Stand at the top of your mat, feet hip-distance apart, arms at your side and shoulders relaxed. Take a giant […]

Restorative yoga: relax and recover during training

Yoga is a great cross-training activity that can help prevent injury and enhance your running performance. It not only strengthens […]

New runners need extra dynamic stretching

Regardless of how athletic you are, when you take up a new sport like running, you will feel some strain […]

Post-race stretch

After crossing the finish line of a race, an inevitable sequence of events ensues: First, you’re given a medal for […]

Warrior II flow for runners

You just ran 18 kilometres. You are well on your way to achieving a PB at your next half-marathon. In […]

Pre-race meditation: 3 breathing techniques to calm your nerves.

In preparation for a race, we might spend hundreds of hours training. While yoga increases strength and flexibility of the […]

Stay safe by stabilizing your ankles

Our ankles aren’t glamorous! In fact, they even cross our mind very often. But the oft-ignored ankle may have the greatest […]

Four for your core – Essential core strength exercises

When we think about a strong core, most of us imagine washboard abs and endless hours of crunches. Surprisingly, it’s […]