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Cam Levins to make marathon debut at STWM

Former Canadian 10,000m record holder Cam Levins will make his long-awaited marathon debut at the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Rachel Hannah’s marathon workout will help you set the pace

With your upcoming marathon now just weeks away, it’s time to focus your efforts and put in some solid training. […]

Nine great late summer/early September races

This weekend features relay races, a national championship in Toronto and the Queen City Marathon

Five reasons to love the summer running season

It’s hot and humid and the cottage is calling your name, but summer running can be one of the best seasons to get active

Junk miles: Are “easy” runs sabotaging your training?

Some consider junk miles to be runs that are done too slow. Others suggest it’s the exact opposite: running too fast on easy days.

Go the distance with Krista Duchene’s monster marathon workout

Practice running at marathon pace and then slightly faster to prepare for the demands of 42.2K

Fuel during your long run to get it right for race day

Don’t underestimate the value and importance of fueling during a long run or race. Practice fueling in training to get it right for race day.

A week-by-week breakdown on how to approach marathon training

A week-by-week breakdown of what marathon training should look like as you approach race day

Tempo running explained

You’ve heard the term a hundred times. And yet, every time the explanation seems to differ slightly. So what the […]

A mid-season self-assessment: Are you on track to accomplish your fall running goals?

The month of August has arrived and that means fall is not that far away. For runners, fall not only […]

How to stay safe during impromptu summer thunderstorms

Along with the summer heat and humidity comes the occasional threat of a thunderstorm complete with pouring rain, driving winds, hail, lightning and cracks of thunder

Break up monotonous track workouts with “broken” intervals

Canadian elite mid-distance runner Sasha Gollish shares her suggestion on a favourite workout that any athlete can do