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Canadian Race Guide – March 22nd & 23rd

Spring is now upon us and depending on where you live, it may or may not have delivered on the […]

Canadian Race Guide: St. Patrick’s Day Special

Canadians everywhere are likely getting excited about the coming of spring, which is (officially) only about a week away. Runners […]

Canadian Race Guide: Events March 7 & 8th

Spring is now upon us and for many runners across the country that means racing season. If you’re looking for […]

Canadian Race Guide: Events March 1st & 2nd

Looking for a race or running event near you? The Canadian Race Guide is here to help! The launch of […]

Destination Race: Winterman Marathon & Relays

Date: February 16th, 2014 Location: Ottawa, ON Distance(s): Marathon, marathon relay, half, 10K, 5K, 3K Winterlude, occurring for several weeks […]

Feature: This is your brain on running

By Dan Way “When I first started running cross country in Grade 5, I was told that running was 10 […]

Beeting your Personal Best

There are few natural substances that can boast the ability to guarantee performance benefits for endurance sport. In recent years, […]

Getting ‘inked’: lactate “tattoo” to gauge intensity of training

First of all, the tattoo is only temporary, so all you needle-phobes can stop squirming. It’s actually a bio-sensor that […]

Run harder, eat less: High-intensity exercise linked to appetite suppression

My previous post focused on a study suggesting that a sample of the U.S. population is both increasing its physical […]

Fit and fat: Modern reality or feel-good fiction?

A recent study gained a great deal of attention when it highlighted a seemingly contradictory correlation. Self-reported levels of physical activity increased at the same time as rates of obesity among a large sample of the American population

Speed: you either have it or you don’t

If you’ve been hitting the track regularly with the lofty ambition of one day emulating Bolt and winning gold in […]

Learning from the best: Insights from a top Canadian runner

Sometimes the best way to ‘know’ what we should be doing as runners (how to train, what to eat, how […]