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Runner experience: “I was going for a record, instead I’m processing my first DNF”

After months of hyping up his record attempt, Dan Grant is processing his first DNF and looking towards Boston

Why I need to be a marathoner

For much of his life, Dan Grant struggled with his self image. Now he has turned himself into a marathoner and he does it to prove to himself that he is no longer the bullied boy who hid from his peers in grade nine.

I went to the Netherlands to train for Toronto

Ahead of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront, Dan Grant reflects on how his training on vacation will help him in his race.

How cycling made me a better runner

After pulling the bike out of storage, Dan Grant has noticed that he has become a much better runner.

Not so pretty in pink: How I ended up committing to dressing in a pink tutu on the run

In becoming a digital champion for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Dan Grant has somehow committed to reliving his most embarrassing childhood moment.

I spent my day running 50K to 21 breweries to support Canadians in need

We’re welcoming RunTOBeer founder Dan Grant as our newest blog addition. Read his blog to learn about how he organizes his beer run crew, takes fellow runners on tours of Toronto