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Even a small plot or container garden will yield bountiful fresh vegetables in summer

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Drink if you’re thirsty, but don’t force yourself to consume water

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Canadian Running Magazine is hiring a long-form content writer

Canadian Running, a publication of Gripped Inc., is looking to hire an experienced runner and writer to provide long-form web […]

Canadian Running is hiring a web writer

Candidates should be active runners with a strong writing background

Eric Carter, Squamish ultrarunning alpine adventurer

From Nordic skiing to trail running to ski mountaineering, Eric Carter is made for outdoor adventures

Ten reasons for runners to visit Victoria and run the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon

Runners come from all over the world to participate in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon and will do so again […]

Eight reasons to run the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon

1. It’s the 40th annual GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon The GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon is 40 years old this year […]