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Four reasons why I decided to go with a race a little closer to home

I’m a winter wimp but I’m staying dedicated to my training this season. Here’s how:

To be honest, I’m not a fan of winter at all…

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Runs like this are why I choose this lifestyle in the first place

Why running is the new career networking activity

Could running be the new best activity for career networking?

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The case for carving out an off season

Thinking about taking an off-season? Here’s the case for why that’s probably a good idea:

I competed in a race that was born from a drunken bet… and I survived

Looking to try something completely new? One writer tried a run-swim race that was born from a drunken bet.

What happens when you befriend the runner who beat you in your race?

On race day, Jessica befriended the woman who beat her. This friendship led to an experience racing in the mountains with 10 new running connections.

My Summer Run Car Kit Essentials

What to pack with you just in case you get the opportunity to run while on the road, and one item you probably bring, but shouldn’t

Avoiding classic food fails when your endurance event is longer than the marathon

Going to be out for a distance event longer than the marathon? Take any of these tips to get the fuelling spot on.