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The Shakeout Podcast: A Cross-Canada Run Brings Unfinished Business

The end of Dave Proctor’s cross-Canada run for rare disease research marked the start of a nation-wide campaign to support his cause.

The Shakeout Podcast: Running for Freedom in Afghanistan

Two courageous women fight for freedom in Afghanistan through running.

The Shakeout Podcast: 9.84 Seconds to Olympic Gold

Donovan Bailey breaks down his world record 100m race at the 1996 Olympic Games.

The Shakeout Podcast: She Ruled the Death Race

Edmonton runner Alissa St. Laurent became the first woman to win the Canadian Death Race.

The Shakeout Podcast: Canada’s Great Distance Runner

Among a world-class field of runners, a young Canadian beats them all.

The Shakeout Podcast: Is Endurance All In Your Head?

Sports science journalist Hutchinson explores the limits of human performance through personal experiences.

The Shakeout Podcast: Inspiring the Next Generation of Runners at Lane 6

The Lane 6 mentorship program was designed to teach at-risk youth about sport and life through running.

The Shakeout Podcast: Extreme Running in the Wilderness City

We take you to Whitehorse, Yukon to run in a city of extremes.

The Shakeout Podcast: Hot Tips for Summer Running

Expert tips to keep running fun and safe throughout the summer.

The Shakeout Podcast: West Coast Running with Natasha Wodak

On this installment of the great Canadian running cities, we head to Vancouver with Olympian Natasha Wodak

The Shakeout Podcast: A World Record Running Dad

World record holder Calum Neff creates a special bond with his daughters through stroller running.

The Shakeout Podcast: 20 Days, 885K, 8% Vision

A blind runner attempts to run the Bruce Trail end-to-end and almost comes up short.