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Shake up your long run with goal marathon pace workouts

New Brunswick marathon record holder Shelley Doucet’s long run workouts

The 5K prediction workout

Want to know how fast to run that next race? Try this tough, yet revealing workout

Daddy doping

The secret of the new father’s racing success It’s a bit of a poorly kept secret in the running community […]

The straight dope on doping

When Boston and Chicago champ Rita Jeptoo’s “A” sample tested positive for EPO the hue and cry could be heard far […]

Keep that New Year’s running resolution

A few weeks into the new year, most people’s resolutions are now facing their first big test. The first few […]

It’s OK to love running

What is the best bit of running advice you can get? Love running. It sounds obvious, right? And yet, a […]

Spice up your tempo run with short hill sprints

Are you bored with your usual workouts? Tepid on tempo? Irritated about intervals? Morbid over mileage? Well, that’s too bad […]

Four classic running books

Now that the holidays are over and you’ve tested out the new running gear Santa left you under the tree, […]

Winter running intervals

Here is the third and final instalment of a series on winter running. Part one focused on beginners, and part […]

Tips for improving running form

I get asked a lot about improving running form, and, I have to admit, I am often at a loss […]

Interview with Steve Magness, author of The Science of Running

Steve Magness recently published his new book, The Science of Running. He’s a collegiate track and running coach at the […]

The long run re-examined

The long run is often the centrepiece of a training week, especially for marathoners. It’s a great aerobic stimulus, and […]