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France’s Claire Bannwarth takes second overall at Gran Canaria 360, only weeks after Big’s Backyard

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Western States 100 champ attacked and mugged in Cape Town

Evans has withdrawn from Ultra-Trail Cape Town after the attack: “Incredibly gutted not to be racing”

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New research suggests there’s no need to abstain before a big race

Scottish ultrarunner who used a car in 50-mile race receives one-year ban

Former ultrarunning world record holder Joasia Zakrzewski accepted a third-place trophy after taking a four-kilometre car ride mid-race

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Give cranky joints some relief while strengthening the muscles around them

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American pro marathoner blasts to new 50-mile world record

Boulder’s Charlie Lawrence ran a remarkable 4:48:21 at the Tunnel Hill 50-miler, averaging a 3:35 min/km pace

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Think the treadmill is boring? You won’t after you try these punch-you-in-the-face, leg-burning workouts