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What’s the deal with micro runs?

The run that isn’t actually a run, but is still a run, can be called a micro run. “Sir! Sir! […]

What’s it like to be a runner in a commercial?

Our joggler-in-residence, Michal Kapral, fills us in about what it’s like to be a runner in a commercial. The U.S […]

15 Ways to Get Even Fitter

Uncovering some of the best methods to become awesome all over in the new year. As runners, we have a […]

Shoot and Run

The sport of modern pentathlon includes one of the craziest running events you probably don’t know about At my Thursday […]

Analyze your training logs to become a better runner

One of the useful aspects of keeping training logs is that it provides a great resource for you to review and analyze training patterns that can show you what you’re doing right or wrong

NUTRITION: Tasty replacements for staple running foods

To smash out of a food rut, try these palate-pleasing substitutes for well-loved runner staples.

VIDEO: Rick Donnelly’s winning entry for the Army Run video contest

Trail runner Rick Donnelly explains why he’ll be hitting the roads for this year’s Army Run in this winning entry to the race’s video contest.

Australian runs around the world 622 days, setting a new record

Australian ultramarathon runner Tom Denniss has set the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth on foot after running around the world in 622 days.

Dylan Wykes, Lioudmila Kortchguina to run Vancouver Eastside 10K

Olympic marathoner Dylan Wykes and Canadian women’s marathon champion Lioudmila Kortchguina are the odd-on favourites to win Saturday’s Vancouver Downtown Eastside 10K.

New 8K race in Toronto to help rejuvenate the city’s playgrounds

A new 8K run in Toronto, the Canadian Tire Run for Playgrounds, will raise money for playgrounds in the city’s high-priority neighbourhoods.

Boston Marathon registrations double last year’s pace on first day

More than 4,000 runners signed up for the Boston Marathon on first day of registration for the fastest time qualifiers, nearly double the rate from last year.

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc: A Toronto runner’s crazy race finish

Toronto runner Brian Culbert’s experience at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc last weekend is a perfect illustration of why this race is known as one of the world’s toughest ultras.