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How a newly launched Kenyan shoe company is bringing change to the nation

Kenya has established itself as the running mecca of the world. This year, one running duo has launched their shoe brand- Enda- to make the country’s running credentials benefit more than just their reputation

Catching up with Reid Coolsaet about life as a new dad

One of Canada’s Olympians and top marathon runners opens up about what life is like as a new dad.

How one documentary explores the benefits of running for those struggling with mental health

A group behind a new running documentary: RxRun are attempting to show how running can have a positive impact on those dealing with mental health issues.

How this TV host and journalist uses running to stay on top of her career

Working in a busy career as a television host and writer, Christine Blanchette uses running to stay focused and happy.

Finding song through the run streak

After struggling with depression for quite some time, this musician ran a string of 365 5Ks and ended up writing a song about it.

Talking with ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes

In an interview with blogger Noel Paine, Dean Karnazes lets us in on one of his next biggest challenges. To run in every country of the world, he says, is his way of making the world a better place.

Inside a recreational runner’s first ultra-marathon

Every runner hits a point where they have to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Blogger Noel Paine catches up with one recreational runner who was inspired to take on a 160K ultra.

Young star Ehab El-Sandali captivates Canadian running fans

Ehab El-Sandali, 19, has already captivated fans of the Canadian running scene. When we chatted with him, this is what he had to say about his goals going forward.

A run across India: Using running as a vehicle for social change

As 2016 wraps up, one Australian ultra runner reflects on her biggest undertaking of the year: a run across India.

In becoming a new dad, I’m learning to balance life’s responsibilities

In becoming a new dad, Noel Paine is learning that certain hobbies– including running– have to take the back seat.

Running family profile: Meet this East Coast record-setting track family

Whether it’s because of their DNA or their nurtured environment, it’s true that running seems to be in the stars for each member of this family.

Becoming a dad changed my running for the better

I’ve been a runner for almost 30 years now. While I wouldn’t say that I define myself by running, it […]