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All natural

What’s that expression? Two steps forward, one step back? Close, but no cigar? Making a pig’s ear of it? Stop […]

Back on track

Yesterday, Kenyan Wilson Kipsang broke the world record running an ultra-speedy 2:03:23 at the Berlin Marathon. Most impressive. And I… […]

Boston Common

Many of us runners will never make it to the Boston marathon, but yesterday, all of our hearts were there. And our hearts are broken.

Flabby New Year!

When you’re at the bottom you can only go up right?


My back hurts, my legs hurt and according to my pharmacist friend my feet look “like a diabetic 80-year-old’s”, but […]

Holding my breath

The weatherman is predicting rain, unseasonably warm temperatures and 50km/h winds for race day. Short of a miracle, it looks like it’s going to be a tough one.

We both run marathons…

Last Friday afternoon I hung out with elite runner Krista Duchene. This is what struck me about her – She’s so nice and just so normal.

Taper Away

My body aches, my brain’s tired and every part of me screams “hell to the no” each time I walk by my sneakers in the back hall.

Talking isn’t running either (but it’s nice to have a groupie)

My blogging colleague, has once again taken issue with my personal limitations – my uninspiring goal to sub-four in a marathon and the fact that I – gasp – walk at water stations.

Go small or go home or, second is the new black!

A small race can lead to some big results.

Olympic inspiration

Sunday, August 12, 2012: Jennifer Aniston finally confirms it – she’s engaged!; My daughter dives head first onto our light-beige couch with a tomato-sauce-covered-face; Masses of pesky raccoons continue their German invasion and the Olympic men’s marathon is super-duper-wicked- awesome

Word to your mother

For the past week, and at least the next two, I’m living the life of a single Mum. And man, it’s exhausting.