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@Couch2Kenyan now on Twitter

Almost a year off of marathon training and I’ve been welcomed back by some beautiful blisters and some burning lungs

You are awesome. Be more awesome. Read my blog

Great news! No, Brooks isn’t coming out with a line of Hypercolour running shirts (though that would be totally awesome – I mean who doesn’t want fluorescent armpits?). Even better. As of today, not only am I an official blogger for Canadian Running Magazine, but also for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM)!

Tri-umph (emphasis on the umph)

Sunday’s Peterborough Sprint triathlon came and went with little drama and big relief. I didn’t get a flat tire, I didn’t faint and at no point did a scuba diver have to retrieve my body from the bottom of the lake. In sum, it was a pretty great day.

Triple threat

For the past six-weeks I’ve been immersed in the world of triathlon and man, it’s complicated.

Saying good-bye to status potatus

My journey to go from Couch Potato to Kenyan runner – or at least become kind of speedy – is striding forward

Running Hot

Ask runners of yesterday’s Boston Marathon and they’ll tell you that Lucifer himself was volunteering at a water station near Heartbreak Hill.

Fun Run

I finished yesterday’s Around the Bay in 2:48:33, a mere one hour and fifteen minutes after winner, Olympic-marathoner-to-be and Canadian Running blogger Reid Coolsaet, but a definite PB for yours truly.

I am, after all, a Perfect Runner (And so are you)

Niobe Thompson’s documentary “The Perfect Runner” explains yet another reason why “average” runners like me still feel compelled to run.

Back at it

Sunday, I ran my first race post-NYC — A 21.1km “fun run” that had me gasping for breath when I […]

Stress Mess

So, the last few weeks have been stressful: Kid’s school-problems, husband’s work-problems, deadlines, laundry, groceries, bills and of course, Whitney Houston.


In the wake of last blog’s brouhaha, it would seem, well, I’m getting slower. So I thought a little cross-training might help my cause.

Elite vs Elitist

Possibly the greatest personal return I get from this blog is the variety of comments and e-mails I receive that remind me of what I most love about running. Today I got the most refreshing reminder yet.