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Choosing the mile over the marathon

In a recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, writer Kevin Helliker observed that although the mile had […]

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

On Aug. 8, 2012, B.C. primary school teacher Ian Cunliffe commenced his bid to run 22 marathons in 22 days […]

Toronto’s a hard city to love

Toronto’s always been a city deeply uncomfortable with its entrenched contradictions. The city supports an NHL team that, despite being […]

Why downhill?

In March of 2013, the Pike’s Peak Marathon filled in less than six hours. Considering that Chicago and New York […]

What the barefoot fad was really all about

Someday the recent move by Vibram, the manufacturer of the iconic FiveFingers shoe, to settle with consumers for overstating the […]

On getting “chick’d”

Some people were raised to fear God; I was raised to fear women, and although it was not an intentional […]

Runners are different

If hockey were the arranged marriage of my teens then the marathon was that first dangerous infatuation of my late […]

Toronto’s race woes

In April 2007, what New Englanders refer to as a nor-easter threatened to cancel the Boston Marathon. Despite the wind […]

Forshame the Foursquare bib bandit

It’s not hard to guess what motivated Chelsea Crowley to counterfeit a bib and illegally run the 2014 Boston Marathon. […]

Crowd sourcing a running coach

Ben Kaplan’s EachCoach project is elegantly simple. Following each work-out, a runner logs their run in to the system by […]

Women’s only races: the right to wear a tiara?

When Katherine Switzer broke both the rules and a significant barrier by racing the Boston Marathon in 1967, she opened […]

Why does the Wall Street Journal hate running?

Why does the Wall Street Journal hate running? Headlines over the past two years suggest a pattern of editorial bias […]