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What it’s like to walk a marathon

When I race a marathon, I miss pretty much everything from the experience; but when I decided to walk the distance, I got to take in why races are so special

Running (and thinking) like a kid

This is something I want to get back. To live and think a little more like a kid and allow my fantasies and dreams to excite me instead of being grounded in the mundane reality of my actual racing potential

Sick runners

Once running becomes a habit, you just do it

Running sucks

Doesn’t that feel good to say?

Why are kids obsessed with this question after they finish their races?

As a coach of kids, one writer notices how their post-race conversations differ from that of adults

After ending up over-trained and burnt out, I let my son dictate my workouts. Here’s what happened:

After burning out in spring, one runner let her son become her new workout buddy. Here’s what workouts look like on a ten-year-old’s schedule.

I’m a runner in my forties and all my training partners keep passing me by

At some point you realize that all your partners are passing you by. What then?

Running to keep up… with my kids.

As a fit mother, Seanna figured it would be years before her two kids outpaced her. But on a recent family vacation, they surprised her by proving her wrong.

Sometimes you just need a race medal

Seanna doesn’t normally put much stock in hardware or race medals. Looking back on a medal from a recent race, this time was different.

What do runners look like when they aren’t running?

Seanna has one problem: she can never recognize club members when they aren’t in their running clothes.

Why do some runners criticize those who add flair to their running?

If this pursuit doesn’t affect anyone but ourselves, then why should we care if a runner adds a little flair to make their mark?

The trouble with racing “only” 5K

There are many things I love about racing “shorter” distances like 5K, 8K and 10K. I say “shorter” because it […]