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I feel like I just don’t “get” certain aspects of other runners

We approach running in completely different ways. When Seanna sees other runners, she can’t help but think “I don’t get that!”

Drivers and runners: A wake up call experience

Not too long ago, Seanna ran into a driver with bad etiquette. Here’s how her confrontation went down.

Why a runner’s will, determination and passion stand out more than their finishing time

In the late 1990’s, Seanna learned a term that describes an athlete’s will and determination. Years later, she sees this attitude reflected in her son and runners out on the race course.

In racing as a masters athlete, my perspective has changed

When Seanna turned 40, she thought running in the masters category would be a breeze. But the fierce competition proved her wrong. She’s happy to be running against speedy and competitive women in her new age group.

The sad reality for kids of runners

It’s not their fault their mom runs every day – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes hills, sometimes on a treadmill, sometimes long, sometimes short.

My complicated relationship with food

I’m not really into food. I mean, yes I like to eat when I’m hungry but I’m just not overly […]

With ruthless prioritization, sometimes running loses

Ruthless Prioritization. This is a phrase coined by my sister and I love it. Actually, I live by it. I […]

Negative splitting my way through life

Seanna’s fastest times are always saved for the end of the last set and if she wants to get her […]

The parent’s art of competitive after school program registration

Who knew getting your kids into in-demand extracurricular activities would be nearly as competitive as race morning? There are things […]

New routines: In running and in life

Seanna Robinson’s latest “Running Well” blog post looks at the importance of routines, not only in running but also in life.

My New Year’s resolution: Saying “YES”

Is it too early for New Year’s resolutions? Because I have one which I’m trying out. Maybe it’s not so […]

When wine and racing come together

No, this is not a post about a new event: The Wine Mile. Although now that I’ve retired from the […]