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In the words of the Boston Marathon champ Des Linden: “Keep showing up”

If there is one lesson to take away from this year’s Boston Marathon it is to keep showing up. Desiree […]

The women’s race in Boston is going to be one of the best ever

Flanagan vs. Duchene vs. Huddle vs. Hasay vs. Linden: it’s going to be a showdown

Why running is not a selfish sport

One incredible quote from Canadian marathoner Reid Coolsaet puts it all into perspective

Ask yourself, ‘What’s the next right step?’ That’s it, that’s all

“So, the next time life steps into your training block, take a moment to ask yourself, ‘what’s the next right step?’ That’s it – that’s all – then proceed”

What all runners can learn from Gwen Jorgensen

Her marathon goals are lofty

Embracing the unknown, and coming out on the other side

Going into the workout I had apprehensions

The sufferfest and why runners come back for more

Amy Cragg had a goal and she was determined to reach it, and in that I believe there’s part of the answer to why runners put themselves through the pain

Looking past the physical and to the psychological power of the long run

The mental benefits of the long run aren’t talked about nearly as much the physical, but I believe most runners will attest to its confidence boosting character and stamina building nature

What makes a successful running career? You decide

Success to me as a runner is giving my best to the sport and trusting my ability and passion will in turn reveal the best in me

Why social media is a good thing for the running community

The beauty of certain social media platforms is it gives us the opportunity to follow one another’s journeys, writes blogger Tara Campbell

When routines get thrown out of whack

“The ability to let go, accept the reality, and go with the flow is priceless and necessary” this runner says

Three years ago, I started this blog. Here’s what the journey has taught me

The path towards meeting your running goals never stays the same. One writer reflects on the changes she’s seen in her three-year journey this far