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Champions on display at Women’s World Cup

Like many Canadians, I’ve been watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup over the past few weeks. As it’s worked its […]

It takes a team

It may be considered an individual sport, but the further I move toward my running goals the more I see […]

Speeding takes time

Training for speed will become a large part of the regimen as my coach, Jason Warick, and myself move toward […]

Ready, set, pace!

A new training race date is set! As with my blog several weeks ago, announcing a training race, I hesitate […]

Minor injury, major perspective

The body does heal. Imagine that. As I quickly recover from the groin injury I wrote about last week, I’m […]

Trust, trust, trust…and communication

I’m not calling it an injury — it’s not (right?). It’s what I’ve deemed a “tinge” and I’m overcoming it […]

Acclimating to awesome weather

Wow, what a difference a month can make! I’m not talking training; I’m talking weather. It was exactly one month […]

Training race date set

A race day is set — I hesitate to put an explanation point on this because it will be a […]

The beauty of the breakthrough

The breakthrough, the moment your training starts to pay off, when you go from feeling totally inadequate, to fly-mode. If […]

From the Bike to Boylston: Cross-training gets it done

Cross-training: most runners know how important it is to overall fitness and I can attest to that as it’s playing […]

Tough training makes tough racers

“Snowfall warning in effect:” That’s how Saturday, April 25, in Saskatoon started. By the time it was all over, power […]

From Terry to Boston: Big marathons with big spirit

On a day when all eyes are on the Boston Marathon, I’m going to shift gears a bit, being that […]