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The art of creating spectacular race bling

Ever wonder how race directors come up with their awesome medal ideas? Michelle Kempton shares the stages– including the initial […]

When organizing a race, expect the unexpected…

Being a race director, Michelle Kempton has to be able to think on her feet. Especially when she arrives to […]

The early birds catch the perks

The most considerable advantage for a race selling out early is cost savings. If we know the quantities and sizes […]

Customize your race bib

Race bibs often take a backseat to the medals and swag. I want to change that. Maritime Race Weekend’s bib […]

Maritime Race Weekend reached our 2015 goal!

Disclaimer: If numbers bores you, then so will this post! For a director, the last stage of wrapping up the […]

I’m a race director, I’ve finally found my dream job

As a race director, I’m lucky to have a job where I don’t count the hours until the weekend. In […]

How social media made Maritime Race Weekend a Canadian “it” race

Social media has been a game-changer in increasing the popularity of running and road races. When runners blog, post race selfies, share running […]

When race directors team up

Aligning with like-minded people has been pivotal in the success of Maritime Race Weekend. Over the last four years, I […]

What year is it?

Maritime Race Weekend was only a couple weeks ago, but I’m already referring to it as last year. My year […]

The aftermath

It’s exhilarating to have twelve months of preparation unfold as planned, the exhausting part of being a race director is […]

Serious about safety

Twenty-five hundred runners on winding coastal routes requires a significant amount of planning and communication. Our highways aren’t completely closed […]

Celebrating speed

Good times in the Maritimes can mean a couple of things—having a fun time, having a fast time or both. […]