Here’s a coincidence that you may never see again: a runner’s childhood zip code, finishing race time, T-shirt and bib number all matched.

Billy Covert, 28, posted a selfie of his race number, 33607, which lined up with his previous zip code and it later turned out to be his marathon finish time. He then posted the photo to Imgur and Reddit, a U.S.-based social news aggregator, where it went viral and has since been seen more than 920,000 times. Appropriately, the post was shared under the “chance” subcategory. Covert ran the March 11 United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Marathon.

His friends are calling the series of events the “Marathon Day Miracle.”


Hometown zip code, t-shirt, race number, finishing time — all 33607

A quick glance at the official results proves his clock time, 3:36:07, checks out. (Although his chip time is approximately 90 seconds faster, the clock time is used for official records. Clock and chip times often differ as not all runners can begin at the start line at the time the race commences.) The Washington, D.C. race is part of the popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, which makes its way to Montreal Sept. 23-24.

There were 2,422 finishers at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington DC Marathon so Covert was unable to match up his finishing place with 33607.

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When Covert first picked up the bib, he noticed that the bib matched the zip code, a system of postal codes used in the United States, in which he attended school. He figured he would “cruise” it and run a 4:00 marathon but figured why not try for a 3:36:07 upon further thought. His race splits can be found here.

The 33607 zip code encompasses parts of Tampa, Fla., where he is originally from, including Tampa International Airport. Covert, however, lists his current place of residence as Bryn Mawr, Penn., according to the race results. The T-shirt he was wearing is from Cigar City Brewery, located in the 33607 zip code.

“It’s probably the craziest thing I’m ever going to experience,” he says.

Another interesting tidbit of information: Covert signed up for the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C. Marathon eight days, eight hours, eight minutes and eight seconds before the race was set to occur. (Proof.)


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