Everyone’s favourite British track star, Mo Farah, is getting ready for the release of the new documentary based on his life. Mo Farah: No Easy Mile depicts the life of Farah both before and after he became a famous runner. 

Farah, who is originally from Somalia, left his country, moved to the UK and worked on his running to become a four-time Olympic champion. The story is about taking advantage of raw talent and making the most of personal potential.

During the movie, Farah speaks about how some significant figures in the running world impacted his life. Among those are Seb Coe, Alberto Salazaar (his coach) and Usain Bolt. Bolt, the iconic sprinter and fastest man in the world, even makes an appearance in the documentary which is directed by Joe Pearlman. 

Presented by Universal Pictures, it’s to be released in the UK next week on Dec. 5 for theatre-going running fans. Canadians keen on viewing the documentary should know that it’s also available for order online for delivery in Canada.

Farah recently took to Twitter to promote this upcoming biographical movie. Check out his tweet below to see the trailer.


Currently, Farah is 33 years old and has come off of yet another successful year. This year being an Olympic year, he headed into 2016 with a lot on the agenda. He headed to Rio in August to race against the world’s top athletes to prove to the world, yet again that he is the best.

The Rio Olympic Games was one that saw a lot of falls and dives on the track and Farah was not exempt from that. Mid-way through the 10,000m, he took a fall but recovered his race enough to outkick the rest of the pack taking first place in 27:05.17. He also came out on top in the 5,000m though he nearly took a fall again in the heats beforehand. He won in Rio running 13:03.30.


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