Devin Featherstone

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This week’s blog profile is of a newer runner from Calgary, Alta. who has dove right into running. Devin Featherstone shared his story.

Devin Featherstone

Devin is a lean, dark-haired former hockey player from Calgary with a newfound love for long miles. Like many Canadian kids, he grew playing hockey and eventually played professionally for a few years, but the full-time hockey skates have moved aside to be replaced with running shoes.

Now a married man with two dogs, one of which runs with him, he works with the Fire Department in Calgary.

Devin has finished fourth and ninth at the Calgary marathon and, in 2013, won the tough Lost Souls 100K race (setting a course record) and this year placed third.

I got hold of Devin over the holidays to ask about his running.

Why did you start running?

“I did my first ultramarathon with my father as a team and fell in love with it right on the spot. I love hiking, camping and being in the outdoors and trail running was instant love for me. A way for me to get away from the busy city life, enjoy fresh air, peaceful and beautiful landscapes. Also run with amazing friends and cover twice as much ground as a hiker. Running has become my addiction and I love pushing myself to the max, running with my pitbull named Stevie.”

What drew you to ultramarathon races?

“I spoke to a friend early in the week, I told them that a lot of people think you’re crazy and you can’t even relate to them about what an ultra marathon is or why you do it. What draws me to the races is the mental, physical, emotional challenge that you go through. You go through so many ups and downs and you need to focus on one goal. It’s the pain in the body and mind that makes me come back to see what I can do with my body and also it’s a challenge to see what kind of land you can dominate in a race. I love to compete and push it in races even with my buddies out on the trails.”

What are your goals for 2015?

“Run and support the local races in my area and try and place the best I can. Compete hard, have fun, do it with a smile and continue to build a positive reputation in the running world. I will be racing Gorge Falls 100K, Big Horn 100-miler, Powderface 42, Iron Legs 50-miler, Grizzly Ultra 50K.”

We all run for different reason and run anything from a few miles to long 100-mile races. We all have different stories and I love hearing and sharing each one.

Devin is also quite a talented photographer!

Do you have a running story to tell?

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