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In becoming a new dad, I’m learning to balance life’s responsibilities

In becoming a new dad, Noel Paine is learning that certain hobbies-- including running-- have to take the back seat.

Noel Paine daughter Aug

It has been a tough transition for me from a newly married guy (to an amazing, patient and caring wife) to becoming a dad. My little daughter is beautiful and I love watching her grow, but it has been tough for me.

It’s the mom who has it more rough right? In the early stages, they are the ones who have nine months of pregnancy, give birth and are usually the one home with the baby in the first few months. Being a new parent, I’ve been finding it tough, too.

Father and daughter

I love my daughter. I love holding her and spending time with her. In becoming a new father, I was amazed at how hard it was for me to to accept the amount of time it took away from, well, everything. When I ran, it was when I could, not when I wanted. This was tough. I use running to de-stress and relax. I figured out a way to make it work for everyone though. I now love my running stroller so I still enjoy a run but also be with her at the same time. It’s a different world now with running strollers, diapers, cookies, bottles and nap times.

It’s an adjustment to realize how my hobbies would take a back seat to my baby’s needs. It’s about learning how to become more selfless. The lack of down time some days is hard but my daughter has needs: to be fed, be changed , and supervised. We all adapt to change at different rates.

In this transition, I have decided to ease back on some running activities, to blog a bit less and train with no set training program. I need to think about what is really important and how I can balance my needs and passions and be a good dad, husband.

My wife and I now have to consciously time to talk about things other than diapers and our daughter. We schedule date nights and book babysitters. My wife has put up with me. I have not always been the perfect husband as I have been learning to balance my new life responsibilities. I am realizing I have really entered a new phase of my life.

I can now change a diaper in the dark and multi-task with the wee one on my hip. On the weekends, I don’t need an alarm for anything after 6:45 a.m. Life has changed and I’m trying my best to change with it. Wish me good luck!

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