Maritime Race Weekend

Technology has changed many industries, especially road races. I can’t imagine what it was like to be a race director 20 years ago. How did they reach out to runners? I imagine they had to pass out race brochures at run clubs or physically pin-up posters on local bulletin boards. It must have been difficult to grow an event back then – but it certainly isn’t now.

I consider myself fortunate to have come onto the race scene during the social media boom. In a short amount of time, Maritime Race Weekend has grown to have almost 10,000 Facebook followers (with only 5,000 spots to fill in the race). We just created the Tidal Trail Run page this year and we already have almost 1,400 followers (and the event is capped at 1,000 runners).

Social media continues to be the primary way we communicate with runners, but I was surprised last week to learn from my web developer how many work emails I’ve read and responded to over seven years. While archiving two email accounts, we discovered that I have received 71,890 emails and sent 48,373. On Sept. 15, 2013, I sent 586 emails in one day! This doesn’t include mass mail, which we all know I do a lot of (sorry, not sorry).

Maritime Race Weekend

​My web developepr and I are total nerds. Last week we spent a couple hours joking about me being a digital hoarder. Via text of course, not an actual conversation, that would just be weird. *joking*

I’ve also tweeted almost twelve thousand times for Maritime Race Weekend and I’m sure the Facebook posts would easily quadruple that! I wonder where I could find this out? I’m sure the number would be frightening.

I’m too old for Snapchat – I’m boycotting it.

This year, I really need to get on the ball with Instagram. I know it’s been hot for sometime, but realistically there are only so many hours in the day and there is just me. As it stands, I already spent about four hours on social media everyday (and that’s just for work).

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