Volunteer perks: Why this race captain believes in spoiling her crew

Having this race director at the helm of the ship means these volunteers get a little spoiled.

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I was raised to believe that unspoken gratitude is the worst ingratitude. That’s why volunteer appreciation has always been a priority for me. Having my friends and family volunteer is the secret to our success and the backbone of Maritime Race Weekend. It’s as simple as this: I just could not do it without them.

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Over the last five years, I’ve given away exclusive pirate crew swag and hosted volunteer appreciation events like a movie night and ice cream socials. This year, I want to do something new. Since most of our volunteers are runners, I’ve decided to organize a Tidal Trail Fun Run on September 30. The only way to receive free registration for this exclusive event is to be part of the pirate crew. Of course, there will be a finisher’s medal, food and prizes.

We have 350 spots to fill. Join the pirate crew here

Seasoned pirates will notice another significant change. The pirate crew shirt is now a gorgeous blue instead of orange. If you are racing and volunteering, your shirts will differ in colour plus the crew shirt has a pirate ship instead of a light house.

There is one thing that will never change. It’s my style to bring the fun. It’s what I do to say a proper thank-you!