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Cash prizes are up for grabs at this year’s Maritime Race Weekend

Earn yourself a nice treasure loot at this year's Maritime Race Weekend. This year, the race director is offering up cold, hard cash.

Last year, Dave Nevitt won the marathon in 3:12:49. About 200 meters from the finish, with a big grin and running a comfortable pace, Dave yells out to me “Come on Michelle, next year get me some competition.” Well Dave, your wish is my command.

Compared to other parts of Canada, the East Coast typically has smaller numbers in the marathon. It’s projected that 6,500 runners will cross the finish line at Maritime Race Weekend this year, but if history is any indicator, less than one hundred will run the marathon.

I’m at a loss why the local speedsters register for our short distances, but not the marathon. Experienced marathoners have described Maritime Race Weekend as a good course, well organized, lots of support along the route with spectacular scenery. What more could you ask for? Runners do have number of marathons to choose from in September and October, but we are the last Boston Qualifier on the East Coast.

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Not being a marathoner or a fast runner myself, I decided to ask for advice. I invited a group of Nova Scotia’s fast long distance runners for a few beers to discuss how I could make my marathon more competitive. It was unanimous, they want cash prizes. After a great discussion and careful consideration, we’ve decided to offer cash incentives for the marathon distance this year.


Cash prizes will be awarded to both top male and female marathoners:

1st Place – $500 for finish time under 3:15 hours ($250 over 3:15 hours)
2nd Place – $250 for finish time under 3:15 hours ($150 over 3:15 hours)
3rd Place – $150 for finish time under 3:15 hours ($100 over 3:15 hours)
4th Place – $75
5th Place – $75

1st Place – $500 for finish time under 3 hours ($250 over 3 hours)
2nd Place – $250 for finish time under 3 hours ($150 over 3 hours)
3rd Place – $150 for finish time under 3 hours ($100 over 3 hours)
4th Place – $75
5th Place – $75

Rami Bardeesy (a local running phenome and my personal adviser on anything route or race related) had an interesting idea. He suggested to offer different cash prizes for the top three marathoners based on finish time. He said it will give an extra an incentive to finish under three hours.

Breaking the course record in our 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon will earn you $100. Current course records are:

Male Records:
5K – 17:16 (Owen Bishop in 2015)
10K – 35:53 (Ian Henman in 2012)
Half-Marathon – 1:20:38 (Dave Holder in 2013)
Marathon – 2:49:33 (Billy MacDonald in 2014)

Female Records:
5K – 18:08 (Denise Robson in 2016)
10K – 36:07:00 (Denise Robson in 2012)
Half-Marathon – 1:28:38 (Chloe Austin in 2016)
Marathon – 3:11:36 (Jen Nicholson in 2015)

A couple of these records haven’t been touched in five years! Do you think you can beat any of these times? Consider this your official invitation to try.

The 15K route is new this year, the top female and male will automatically receive $100 each for setting the course records.

As always, winning the Tartan Twosome or Tartan Trio scores you free life-time registration.

We can’t forget that winning any of the races or setting course records, gets your name on our unique pirate chest and rum bottle trophies!