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Catching up with Trevor Hofbauer

Our blogger Noel Paine reaches out to one young Canadian runner to chat about qualifying for the world half-marathon championships. 

In late fall/ early winter, many are looking back on what they achieved this season. On a fall day in Philadelphia not long ago, one Canadian runner itching to make it to the world stage ran across the finish line of the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon with a time of 1:04:28. It was a personal best and a time that meets the Canadian standard (1:06) for an athlete to run at the world half-marathon championships. Trevor Hofbauer was so fast that he hammered through the 10K mark in a personal best time (30:19).

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Trevor during the 2015 Philadelphia half-marathon (in New Balance singlet).

I got a second to ask the newly-mustached Calgary area runner a few questions.

NP: How did it feel crossing the line in Philadelphia with a world champ qualifying time?

TH: Honestly, words can’t express how satisfied I was to cross that line. In a single moment, the training, the sacrifices, the dedication– it all payed off. It has been a dream of mine to represent Canada on the world stage. Now that might become a reality.

NP: Did the mustache make you faster?

TH: Yes, absolutely! This mustache may not be the world’s best mustache, but the grouping of 12 hairs above my lip shows commitment, dedication, and persistence. It keeps the ladies away, allowing me to live distraction free and it reminds me that there’s work to do. This mustache also boosts my mental strength attributes by three points.

NP: Now that Philly is over and you have achieved this goal, what is the plan?

TH: The smart thing to do right now is rest. This year has been busy with work, travel, and athletics, so I’m thinking of getting back in the groove soon.

My current plan is to run a 10K before March, then hopefully I’ll get the call on March 10th. All of my focus is on Cardiff. It’s going to be tough training for a race that isn’t guaranteed, but I’m prepared for booth scenarios (getting or not getting the call) and will play it by day.

NP: What are your long term running goals as a runner?

TH: As a runner, my long term goal is to represent Canada at the 2020 & 2024 Olympics for the marathon. I have a few side goals to that but if I can get a little bit better every day, those long term goals will be attainable. Ultimately, my long term goal is to be a positive role model within the running community. Being a part of the community gives me a different perspective on the sport, it allows me to remain level-headed and I’m able to meet so many people with amazing stories. This sport is a gift; that’s how I perceive it. At the end of the day, I want to be known as the kid with a ton of heart before I’m labelled as the kid with fast legs.”

NP: What drives you to run (and race) and keeps you motivated?

TH: My drive comes from seeing constant improvement and knowing that there are others who look up to me. When I first started out running, the Calgary running community really welcomed me. From there, I started running with the Bow Valley Harriers/MitoCanada crew. Runners like Jeremy Deere, Blaine Penny, Lisa Harvey, Adam Kahtava, and Dave Proctor showed me the way by sharing their own stories and accomplishments. A lot of my drive and motivation comes from the inspirational stories of Blaine Penny and Dave Proctor. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the ongoing support of the Calgary running community. That keeps me motivated.”

You can follow Trevor’s running on his blog.

See you on the roads or in the blogosphere.

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