Noel Paine talks with another runner and blogger who is training for Canada’s biggest marathon in Ottawa in May.

it always seems impossible until it’s done. // 12km w/ 6x1200m @ 4:30 ⭐️?

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This week, I managed to talk to another runner/ blogger in the Ottawa area. Meet Jayme Pettit.

Jayme Pettit

Pettit is originally from Stoney Creek, Ont. but she now calls Ottawa home where she lives with her fiancé and their cat, Saxby. She’s also a runner but she didn’t always see herself as athletic.

“I started running in 2007, after many years in dance. I never considered myself an athlete, and came to running as a way to get back in shape,” says Pettit. She was in university when she started running and knew she had to do something to keep active. She signed up for a run clinic with her sister. “Running was not easy, in fact, it was miserable, but I kept at it (sometimes with more enthusiasm than others).”

After running for awhile, she was looking for a challenge. It was her mom who convinced her to run a half-marathon. “After struggling to finish in 2:45, I vowed that I’d never do it again,” she says.

But that decision wasn’t final, like many. She ended up continuing.

“I continued to run, and decided I wanted to try a marathon. I finished my first marathon, the 2008 Calgary Marathon, in 5:40,” says Pettit.

Over the years, Pettit kept running and continued to gain experience and strength. Her first marathon led to 12 fulls and 12 half-marathons.

Of course though, there were ups and downs. After trying hard to chase down a Boston Marathon qualifying time, she found herself tired and burnt out. She put the running shoes away for a year. But it’s hard to quit the sport once you’ve caught the bug. Gym workouts just didn’t give her the same feeling of satisfaction.

In 2015, she decided to give the marathon another whirl. But this time, it wasn’t about Boston. Pettit discovered that running was about rediscovering her inner strength. With her new attitude and approach, she set a personal best (3:57) at the Hamilton Marathon in November 2015. Her eyes are now set on a good run at the 2016 Ottawa Marathon.

“I am motivated to run because running makes me strong mentally and physically,” she says. “Chasing my PB drives me and ultimately knowing that Boston Qualifying doesn’t happen over night. The early morning runs, the hours spent outdoors, never quitting. This is why I run.”

Pettit is active on social media too and also shares her running story online on her running blog. She’s also an Ottawa Marathon ambassador.

You can catch Jayme on Twitter @jaymepettit, on Instagram @thepacinglife or on her blog:

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