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Hit the pool running

The positive thing about having an injury is that it’s forced me to explore other physical activities to compensate for the void I’m experiencing with my low-mileage status.

Two cross-training components that have been integral in my recovery are hot yoga and weight training.

Hot yoga has helped me to clear my mind, fill my soul and strengthen my core. The sweat generated from the heat makes a 60-minute class feel like an intense workout. I’ve tried regular yoga. I just can’t stay focused and easily become bored. I need the heat. I’ve been fortunate to have found a local yoga studio, full of runners and I’ve made new friends. I love it!

Weight training has strengthened some of my rarely used muscles, like my triceps, biceps and traps. It’s also helping me to ensure that my core and glutes don’t become weak. In the past, I’ve relied on weekly hill repeats to keep my butt in shape, now it’s lunges. I hate the gym, but I love the results.

This doesn’t change that, first and foremost, I am a runner. Nothing can replace the runner’s high. I need it. I miss it. I want it. But increasing my movement is important, even if it’s not my first choice, which will obviously always be running.

I am intentionally avoiding some sports that I’ve enjoyed in the past, because I believe they are likely “high-risk to re-injure” activities. Downhill skiing and ice skating are off limits for me this winter. As a Canadian, it’s what I enjoy most this time of year, but my ankles are weak and I don’t want to take the chance. I do have a pair of snowshoes collecting dust in the garage, I might try that instead.

The sharp pain of my ankle fracture is becoming less frequent now, but it still hasn’t disappeared completely. An experienced coach and running friend, Normand D’eon, suggested that I try pool running. I’m going to take his advice and this will be the next step in my recovery. Though I’m somewhat insecure about wearing a bathing suit in public, I figure if I put on an bathing cap – maybe no one will recognize me.