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I love my job

Behind the Scenes will offer you an exclusive view of what is involved in organizing road races. Buckle up, because being a race director is a roller coaster ride! There is no question that I love my job. You’ll see through these posts that I have a lot of fun, but you might also be surprised to learn that being a race director also involves long hours, personal sacrifices and can be very stressful.

I will reveal secrets, admit mistakes and lessons learned, show you the planning process and celebrate the success of race day with you. For race directors, I’m sure you’ll relate and maybe even laugh at the situations I describe. Runners, I hope you are entertained, surprised and interested to learn about the planning and costs that make-up your registration fee.

It takes 12 months to plan a large race and it isn’t possible without the support of family, friends, the running community and sponsors. You’ll meet the people who work behind the scenes, join me on road trips, watch the race planning unfold and I’ll give you a perspective on racing that you’ve never seen before.

A race director deals with different things every day. Designing, planning, networking, logistics, marketing, politics and sometimes even crises and emergencies! This job is not for the faint of heart or spirit! Let’s get started.