Help pick this year’s Maritime Race Weekend swag

Submit your feedback for the 2017 Maritime Race Weekend swag and be entered for a chance to win Tartan Twosome race registration.

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Maritime Race Weekend shirt

I’ve been a race director for five years and still get an adrenaline rush when I see people wearing Maritime Race Weekend gear. If you are out for a run in the Halifax area wearing my gear and a car drives by rapidly honking, it’s most likely me.

In 2016, Maritime Race Weekend was named Best Swag in Canada. I take great pride being recognized in this category, because a lot of thought and design go into the swag we create. Creating swagtastic gear isn’t as simple as placing a logo on a shirt.

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A race shirt is considered standard issue in race kits. I don’t want runners to just to get a shirt, I want them to wear it! In order to achieve this, every year we need to create an extraordinary new design. I believe this year’s shirt is our best yet.

Offering “u-pick race shirt” makes the registration process more personal and satisfying. Runners can customize their race-kit by choosing the shirt style they want, which increases the chance that they’ll wear it.

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This year, I’m struggling with the decision of what bonus swag to include for the Tartan Twosome. For the last five years, runners have loved the limited edition pirate Buffs. I’ve recently added Headsweats to our race kits – the running hats were very popular.

I’m wondering if runners want me to stick with the same swag or change it up? The only way to know is to ask. I find the easiest and quickest way to gather details is with an online survey (click to access the form). As an incentive to provide feedback, I’ll draw for a Tartan Twosome race registration on Friday.

I’m curious to find out what the most popular swag item is. Who knows, maybe it isn’t the race shirt