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Maritime Race Weekend 2016 Medal Reveal

The day the medals arrive is one of my favourite days of the year...

Medal 3

My favourite day of the year is definitely race day, but following in a very close second is the day when the race medals arrive.

Every year, we’ve been voted by runners and industry leaders as having the “Best Medals in Canada.” I’ve come to enjoy the added pressure it puts on me to come up with something creative, spectacular and new every year.

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This year’s medals are extra special because all three were designed by a close friend. They also celebrate our five year anniversary. I revealed Michie’s sketches over the winter, but the final product is beyond my expectations. Here are the 2016 Maritime Race Weekend medals:

The double race medal is a compass design and has a double spinner with Tartan Twosome etched inside on the silver ring.

Maritime Race weekend Medal1

The back of the medal is just as important as the front – it reveals a secret pirate message and directions on the spinner.

Maritime Race Weekend medal12

A pirate themed race wouldn’t be complete without a big jolly roger. Friday’s Sunset 5K has a spinner with the “Go East” message on back.

Medal 3

The Saturday races (Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon and Classic Marathon) medal have a special nautical theme of “Message in a Bottle.” Ten runners will discover a gold sneaker when they open their medal, this indicates they won a pair of Brooks sneakers. How randomly awesome is that?

Medal 4