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A mindful run along Niagara Falls

Running along Niagara Falls, Susan reflected on an entirely new running experience.

A sky view of Niagara Falls

Recently I was in Niagara Falls, Ont. for several days and reveled in the opportunity to run alongside the iconic waterfall. It’s truly an invigorating experience to be in the presence of such a natural wonder.

The day I went running was overcast, cool and extremely foggy, but it didn’t matter. It’s well known that Niagara Falls is a region that generates one of the highest amounts of negative ions in the world, due to the rushing water. Negative ions are said to create a feeling of mental well-being and increase concentration– benefits which I knew could definitely enhance the running experience. I was looking forward to seeing if running beside the Falls had this effect on me. I can say I definitely experienced all of these feelings after running on this particular day.

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Once out on my route, I quickly realized that running alongside the Falls engages almost all of your senses: the sight of the water cascading powerfully over the cliff; the sound of the rushing rapids as it approaches and plunges over the Falls; and the feel of the moist air enveloping you and dew drops dancing on your lips. It was breathtaking. How fortunate the locals are to be able to take in this beauty and experience this scenic run on any given day if they wish.

One tip that I have for runners visiting this famous Canadian spot is to expect frequent stops along the route. The scenery behooves you to stop and reflect while taking in the natural beauty. Note: You will pass many tourists trying to take awkward selfies, so being asked to take a photo for them is par for the course. What impacted me the most is the relatively low fencing with the immediate drop into the powerful river reminds you just how precious and vicarious life truly is.