Running as it applies to your relationship status… what to expect

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I’ve been a runner for almost seven years and despite changes in my zip code, career or relationship status, it has remained an integral part of my life. To honour Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share a few lessons I have learned about running as it applies to my relationship status. Here are some points I’ve observed… 

The Single Runner


  • Weekends are often spent on a solo adventure, meeting up with friends in other cities, provinces and states. You will be meeting a lot of new people, running a lot of new races and building a connected running community.
  • In my case, races were divided between adventures across the globe (which leads to meeting people from all over the world) to local races where good looking firemen put a medal around your neck when you cross the finish line.
  • When it comes to the post long run, you can eat an entire box of cereal without judgement and your showers are always hot.

Dating the Non-Runner


  • You will buy them a pair of shoes and try to go on a few easy runs together until it eventually morphs into them napping while you go out and run solo. Because you love running, this is never really an issue.
  • If you are lucky and they cook, they will have a hot meal waiting for you after a long run. And maybe even a foot rub.
  • Because you don’t run together, you will probably take up other activities you both enjoy such as golf, weight lifting, or concerts. This will serve to help make you better at cross training and help get you to socialize on weekends instead of just running.
  • Post long run, you will still eat the entire box of cereal and they may judge you a little bit, but your showers will always be hot.

Dating the Runner


  • Every vacation will center around a race and you will have a partner to hold you accountable to your goals. Your race schedules will probably start looking identical.
  • Laundry levels will be out of control.
  • Friday night date nights often equate to early bird special, route planning and a 9:00 p.m. bedtime for the Saturday morning long run.
  • You will have someone else to eat an entire box of cereal with and to fight over who gets the first shower.

No matter your relationship status is today, celebrate that love that we all share for running and have a Happy Valentines day!

I’m off to eat a box of cereal and have a shower, but until next week, you can find me on Instagram at @lacesandlattes and on my personal blog.