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Pint-sized helpers

Volunteers. Without them, this ship would never leave the dock

It’s humanly impossible to organize an event the size of Maritime Race Weekend by myself. Family, friends and hundreds of pirate crew members are the backbone of Maritime Race Weekend. Without them, I’d basically drown. 

During race weekend, for safety and logistical reasons volunteers must be over the age of 18 years – but before race-day, I have lots of pint-sized help.

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My twins have grown up around the race, it’s a big part of my family’s life – everyone is involved.


My niece has lived in Ontario the last four years, but during summer visits to Nova Scotia, she has always be eager to help with race-prep – even though she wasn’t here for race weekend. Now that her family has moved back to Nova Scotia, she’ll finally get the chance to run in the race. Who knows – eventually maybe she’ll become the race director. (No pressure or anything…)